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Service Overview


The mission of Lion of Judah Ministries, Inc. is to help the victims of domestic violence based on hope and restoration through Jesus Christ for the purpose of providing survivors with education, resources and other skills necessary to enable them to integrate back into society free of fear, injustice, harm and danger, and equipping survivors to set their hearts and minds free from their abusers. 


Our vision is to help the victim get out of captivity by giving them hope, teaching them values by being free from violence and without fears focusing on the restoration and recovery of their values.

Core Values:

• Vision

• Love

• Freedom

• Order

• Respect

As a nonprofit organization, Lion of Judah Ministries, Inc. in Garland, Texas specializes in giving domestic violence survivors a new lease on life. We offer classes every week at different days and times where we discuss the various processes in dealing with and overcoming your situation.

Children See, Children Do  

Free Yourself From the Shackles of Domestic Abuse

Welcome to Lion of Judah Ministries, Inc. in Garland, Texas. We are a nonprofit organization for female and male domestic violence victims. Founded in 2007, our group specializes in connecting, encouraging, educating, coaching, mentoring, and training these brave survivors of abuse while offering a place of hope where they can heal and help others.

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I went through sexual abuse at the hands of my biological father until I was 8. I grew up in Mexico with three brothers. My parents divorced when I was 8 and my mother left for the US, leaving my siblings and me with my father and grandfather. When I was 13, my mother brought me to the US. I found out that she married a wonderful man who respected me and helped me (and later on, my daughter) when I needed it the most.

Later in life, I realized that what had happened to me with the sexual abuse from my father left a lot of scars that needed mending and forgiveness. I could not stand my father for many years. He kept abusing kids and there was nothing that could stop him. I tried helping him with no success.

Tough Times Ahead

When I arrived in the US, I was very hurt by my mother’s abandonment and could not understand why she left me with an abuser. To make matters worse, my mother became an alcoholic and a very abusive person. At 17, I left home with a man I had a relationship with for four years. Although he was abusive as well, I found solace in how the Lord blessed me with a most precious gift: my oldest daughter.

In my teenage years, I was raped by two of my boyfriends. Unfortunately, I could not tell my mother. I always felt impure, shameful, and guilty. I kept asking myself for many years why I let it happen. Essentially, I blamed myself.

Experiencing Domestic Violence

During the 1980's, my marriage with my oldest daughter’s father was always marred with violence. I would call the police on him but nothing beneficial happened. It is not that the cops did not want to help me, but there was no law that will help me as a victim.

Later on, I got involved in several other relationships where the same pattern of abuse was repeated. I just could not break it! The sexual abuse I suffered from my father left me bitter, resentful, and quiet for 35 years. I thought nobody knew about what he did to me but I found out later that my mother knew. I found it hard to forgive her.

Divine Light at the End of the Tunnel

On October 21, 1993, I had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ where I could see the great love my Creator had for me. I could not believe how great it was. I am blessed with my two daughters, fourh grandchildren, and a new husband who genuinely respected me. I had to go through a deliverance where I released the hatred, guilt, and filth that I carried for a long time.

The Word of God proclaims, “He sets the captives free.” (Luke 4:18) This motivated me to reach out to my father, hug him, and forgive him. After all, as Psalm 32 teaches us, we need to forgive to be forgiven by our Creator. Forgiveness is very necessary to our lives; it makes you free and takes away sins that are not yours.

Relating God’s Wisdom to My Situation

Sexual abuse makes you feel dirty and guilty, but I am here to tell you that there is no need to carry guilt or burdens that are not from you. Let the Lord carry them instead! We were taken away from captivity to experience freedom. God will deal with your adversaries and He will give you freedom and healing.

The Bible says that good things come to those who love God. In the past, I looked for love in the wrong places. Eventually, I found that the true and real love comes from Jesus. Thank God the situations I went through in the past gave me the courage to fight and survive to the best of my abilities despite making a lot of mistakes.

A New Beginning

In 2013, I worked at Hope’s Door as a case manager. There, I learned that my purpose in life was to help those who had gone or are going through domestic violence. I trained to be ready and willing to accept my calling. Sometimes, abused women and men have to flee their homes and seek shelter and guidance. I felt blessed to have the resources to help others.

Most of the women I have met in the past do not speak English and do not have documents, a job, a home, money, or any family members who live nearby. Sometimes, they even have up to five children! Despite the circumstances, there is hope.  I recently graduated from Dayspring Theological University  for my doctorate in Christian Counseling.

My Life Today

I am currently working for my community. I was even able to graduate with a doctorate’s degree in Christian Counseling. My goal is to tell people never to give up hope. I am committed to encouraging men and women to free themselves from captivity and believe that there is a brighter tomorrow.

This ministry that the Lord called me to do is one of service to the community. I aim to carry it to other countries that are in “slavery.” I give honor and glory to my Lord Jesus for my family. I hope that in some way, you too can feel His loving grace and be empowered to lead a better life free from abuse and violence.

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Explore Our Services

Our vision is to help the victims get out of captivity by giving them hope, teaching them values by being free from violence and without fears focusing on the restoration and recovery of their values.

This ministry is giving hope to the less fortunate by creating two ministries with the mission of giving hope and sharing the love of God.

Two ministries were born to fulfill the vision:

“Rescuing The Lost” homeless people that are in bondage with addictions.

“A Dream Come True” Supporting children who are suffering from cancer. Helping these children achieve their dream.

Join us on this vision. Your donation is important. Rescuing the less fortunate and giving them hope in the midst of so much tribulation.

Working together with the love of Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:14 “For the love of Christ constrains us, thinking this: that if one died for all, then all died;”  


People were receiving  Jesus as their Savior, breaking the chains of drug and alcohol addictions.  You can see the changes on their faces after there were delivered and reconciled with the Lord. These people were filled with joy they started praising the Lord with their voices.  There is so much to do and we can all do it together.

Donate For The Ministries

The Donations Are For 3 Ministries that are working together for our communities:

Lion of Judah Ministries Domestic Violence,  "A Dream Come True" (Children With Cancer), and for "Rescuing The Lost" (the Homeless).